Thursday, November 26, 2009

A fabulous giveaway in time for Christmas

A wonderful giveaway is under way over at Handmade kids go take a look here and enter for your chance to win.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love Lawson Festival 2009

This weekend was Love Lawson Festival. For the Saturday part of it they have abig family day where there are handmade stalls,community information stalls and local food stalls. This was where I took my first steps in the world of selling my handmade goods last year.

When I started up doing JazyJae's this time last year I had no clue as to how others would react to my things. Especially as the only people who had worn them was myself and my kids. So was greatly nervous about it all. This year much more experienced in how to make my stall look good and how to give everything more of a professional look.

It was another successful year in sales and meeting some wonderful people. Including one customer who came looking for me today at Lawson Public School markets to buy more things and tell me I was her new favourite store.

Whilst there yesturday I found a WAHM who makes cloth nappies and have lined up for her to sew up some nappies for me with the nappy fabrics I have but never have gotten around to making myself. So that was a bonus.

Also got approached by a magazine for something special.......keep an eye out here for any more news on that later. Can't say more than that for now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Featured on Madeit Wednesday handmade wonderfuls

Today was Wednesday Handmade Wonderfuls email out. One of the featured products was from 2941. I met these lovely girls on Saturday at St Finbars fete. They were in the stall next to mine. Gorgeous girls with gorgeous products.
I really loved their clutch purses if I did not have the need to pay for new glasses this week I would have bought one.
They were good company for the times that seemed to drag out. Including a good laugh for myself. Also purchased a few things from me.
So check out their madeit store. Also check out their blog.
Go girls good on you for getting started on Madeit and in your first store stocking get featured on the mail out.

Lovely Fabric

On Monday I headed down the mountain to Fred The Needle. Surprisingly I purchased very little.... never have I bought so little from there in the past. They also have a blog here.
I really love going down to the shop. Once you get past the scrapbooking things you walk out into a wide open and bright area. Bright not only because of the lighting but also the fabrics.The walls are so lovely filled with gorgeous fabrics to oggle and touch.
I recomend the store as a drop in if your in the area. If you live nearby you should go visit.

So look out for totes, shirts and a few other things featuring these.