Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogtoberfest at our doorstep!

Yes it's blogtoberfest time again. Me I'm in on the action......and I'm going to be trying to be ambitious and do it here and on over at my personal blog too! Hah could be a disaster but oh well that's part of the fun and the challenge. Over  here in JazyJae's blogland I'll be doing posts about JazyJae's things and also about what inspires me. inspiration could be as little as a fabric to as big as a designer.
The way to sign on up is over here

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fab. new shop called......

"Lark" is the name and don't you forget it.
Another stop in JazyJae's travels was to visit Alison's new shop.  Lark is located in 4a Duke Street Daylesford.
It was a wet and dreary day. What else could be expected on the 27th September. After all it is that way every year Mr JazyJae's and I want to spend that day outdoors. Hmmmm yes a special day for us. "Tis the day we were married and that day was a wide range of weather conditions from gale forced winds to sleat.
Once we arrived in Daylesford we headed drove about to see if we could spot the store. I had left the Blue Mountains before any final details were posted on The Lark blog of where she was located. Could not find it. So went to the Information centre...they had no clue what i was talking about. So we went up to the markets, hoping that some crafty lady would be there who could tell me where I could find Lark. Nope no such luck ther. Next idea was go back into the centre of town and just ask a local shop owner. Of we went. By pure luck the first store that looked as though they would know what this " crazy gal" was talking about happened to know exactly where I should head. Thankyou Ex Libiris lady!
Stupid me was so bedazzled by the cuteness of the store and chatting to Alison I forgot to pull the camera out to take a couple of photos.
I did buy things though!

Homemade a book to aid the Black Saturday bush fire victims and Salvation Army

japanese tape very cute soon to be JazyJae's packaging tape and more

what was inside my bag of goodies Alsion gave me see her blog entry below
Alison also took a photo of me to post on the blog wall of fame and on her blog.

I'm at The Local Shop

Last week the JazyJae's family took a road trip down south to Melbourne. One of our stops was to pop on into a lovely Shop call Local Shop which is located at 262 High Street Northcote.
The lovely Gale runs the quaint little shop. Inside you will find a gorgeous array of flowers at the front. What a way to entice people in but through the beautiful smell of gorgeous flowers. Past the flowers then a lovely water feature you will spy just to the left some JazyJae's tote-ing-along bags. I was there to not only take a gander at the store but to drop of the latest order for the shop. Twelve more bags in total with two new designs in there. All of which I forgot to take a photo of.

JazyJae's Tote-ing-along bags
Further down in the store are a large number of various handmade Aussie designs. Gale has done an amazing job of making all these Aussie designs look so fab. in the store.

In the back of the shop up on the wall are snailblazer bags
Pity I did not get to catch up with Gale on the day however her lovely employees were great. Especially the girl in there who kept Miss J entertained with her curiosity of what all the flowers there were called.
If your ever near Northcote pop in and see all the great things inside. You will not be disapointed.

Cute little purses and wallets plus lots of accessories

See at the front there those little alphabet broaches I bought one a letter X

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Market Wrap Up!

What a whirlwind weekend!
Friday evening I had Hazelbrook Public School Fete. I did intend on taking photos but by the time I finished setting up there were kids taking photos was out of the question. It was surprisingly a good one for me. I was not really expecting mush to happen being a small school fete, but I did alright there recieved a lot of positive feedback. Positive feedback is always a welcome thing!

Saturday as usual was the Rotary Glenbrook Public School Market Day. over all a lovely day was had. Even after at the beginning I was abused by a fellow stall holder. Who accused me rathr rudely of stealing ideas from his wife. All while I had customers looking at my items. I will not say what items I was accused of stealing. However I will say it was the first time I had a huge quantity of all my things ( a very productive month) and I had also changed the way I presented many of my things so they were more obvious from a distance. This was the first time I have seen him look at my stall. I never have even really looked at the products in question on his stall. I also have bought other items from them and recomended them and raved about their other products to others. I have been making the items in question since towards the end of last year. Just because you were first at Glenbrook Market does not mean you own the monopoly on them!The only newish thing there were my rings. All the rest I have been doing long before I started at Glenbrook back in March.

Anyway further on! I had a great day there yesturday lots of friendly people about and many many customers. I sold a lot of magnets and a few will be busy replenishing that stock.
Today was Lawson's Magpie Market. A disapointing day as I had been moved and was in a not so good spot and did rather poorly in the sales department. However next month I will back in my usual spot as I have been garunteed that spot for all future markets. So anyone who came down and saw I was not in my usual spot and did not come further into the quad area a big huge apology. I will be there for now on.
My purchases for the weekend included on Saturday I bought an extremely gorgeous clutch from Alison of Berlinski fame. Just devine is her work. Her clutches, bags and belts are so so soooooo yummy! I have put in an order for her to make me a belt to match the clutch I bought from her. She is always at Glenbrook Markets and has a lovely stall full of her items. Great for a way of making that lovely outfit extra special. All the ings she makes are one of items. All are made from vintage fabrics, trims and doilies. After buying the belt I might have to get one of her bigger bags.

Then today I bought a swamp girl softie from Skye at Happy Monkey Tree. She has been named Pheona. She also happens to match up with Delihla which I blogged about here. they both are wearing the same coloured dress.  Next on my list from her will be one of her sock monkeys then a big monster.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

In production right now!

What is s'pose to be our dinning table has not been so for about a year now. Why? Well as any crafter would know the family looses their dinning space to the crafter of the family. this is especially so to those who do it for a little more than a hobby. At least till they get their own studio.
Well at the moment our dinning table is a place for JazyJae's products that are either waiting to be made up, packaged or ready for sale.

It doesn't always look this organised. Till last night after I finished cutting about 15 dresses, there were piles of fabric on top of everything. to the untrained eye it would have looked like a cyclone had dumped a pile of fabric on the table. When in fact it was an organised chaos of fabric grouped together for possible combinations.

Now you see the aftermath of the pre-cutting and partial packaging process. All my small badges are made and in the process of being packaged, same goes for the small magnets. All hair accessories are made and just about completed in packaing. Rings are done and in their display box. Dresses, bibbies and most of loopy monsters are cut ready to be sewn. Large badges are halfway there in being made as too large magnets. Bags still need a few more cut up.

I'll be burning the midnight oil all week I think!

Friday, September 4, 2009

More magnets are made!

Over the last few days it has been very busy here in JazyJae's land. Lots of work going on. All in anticipation of the big market weekend from the 18th September to the 20th September.

Do ypu lie cute magnets that are a bit different from the standard one you can usually buy in a chain store? If so you have to check mine out. They look fantastic holding up that all important kids art or any important piece of paper on your fridge or noticeboard.

So more magnets have been made as they have been a good focus of interest in the past.
Lots of cute designs are in.

Some for little child in your home tight up to the big kid in yourself.
Makes a great little gift too.

All are made from a fabric covered button and a very strong magnet. So strong that I was able to make one work through a kids wooden table top.