Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some new packaging

Some of my new packaging. Slowly getting through re-packaging my stock to all look lovely as these below do.

Love it!

Billycart market Report

Today was my visit to Billycart Markets. I was up at the not so lovely hour of 4am and was back home at 6pm.
I got a little lost once I got into Colloroy and Narrabeen...street signs were not so great. However I stoped at a Service Station and the guy working there did not even know where on pittwater Road the servo was on Lucky for me as I walked out a kind young man had pulled up and showed where I was then told me what landmarks to look out for to be able to turn down the right street to get to my destination.

It was bit of a squish in but I get set up nicely.

It was also a lot quieter there today than I did expect but none the less I made some sales and loads of people took my card.

Here is hoping that more people come and follow my blog here and enjoy the lovely things I do.

Out and about Pants
A big thankyou has to be done to Mel who is an amazing woman to do the work she does for the market. She really looks after her stall holders.
I met some lovely stall holders. I even splashed out and bought my little man a vest that is an up-cycled woolen jumper. If I had made some decent amount of sales would have bought my girl one for her as well. I got it from KIX Clothing.

Is this not a sweet little vest?

Plus some of the other stall holders included Moosey who do fresh homemade baby and toddler foods. All natural ingredients and they deliver too. great for those who live over in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Mon Tresor who do lovely little accessories and party accessories. There was the most gorgeous stall of wall art that uses vintage playing cards, storybook pictures (something I have done here for gifts), road maps. They are called Twice Designs. I shall be saving my dollars to buy some wall art from them i think.
See you guys at the next market!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodbye Lawson Markets

Today was another disapointing day at Lawson.....once upon a time the money was enough to make it worth while but this year has been very disapointing and today was the last nail in the coffin of Lawson markets. I am not the only stall holder who is over Lawson either.

The time I spend on making my things and the time I spend at the markets is worth a lot more than what is comming back. I also am over hearing how wonderful my things are yet no one spends the money. even when I marked down a whole lot of product for today.

Anyway I do know my things I do are appreciated just not in the type of market Lawson is....I shall stick to doing my other ones that you can see on the right hand side there.

It was not an entire loss being there today i met someone who really appreciated my work and look forward to working with them soon........more about that another time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

More tote-ing-along bags done.

I finally got around to making more of my tote-ing-along bags. Have been somewhat neglecting restocking these. There were a few still left then after making some for giveaways and a birthday I thought I better also make some for stock as well.
I'm going to start moving away from using the number,alphabet and images from the same fabric panel print to using more prints squares in general so they apeal to more people than a select few plus I am bored of the original patch pieces I used...hmmm there is still a pile of it might have to look into using them elsewhere. More on that another time. the smaller ones probably will stick to the patches I use for now but the larger ones are more likely to use pieces like the pink patch below.

I also made more mushroom ones as they were popular which surprised me plus with no longer able to get that fabric range makes them more special.Below is just a few of what i made.

If I have time left after sewing up out and about pants and other things for Billycart Markets on the 26th I will make some more of these great totes using some special prints I have about in my stash. You will have to excuse the morning sun in these pics.

I think the denim and the vintage linings work well so that is one feature that will stay same goes for the trims on the handles.

Hope you like them!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exciting News

I recieved word this morning that I shall be holding a stall at the wonderfull Allie's Attic on the 10th July in Cronulla. Wowee lots of sewing to be happening over the next few weeks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Accessorise darlings!

vintage button ring
robots are cool

hair set

Jazy clip and hair tie sets

Hair tie sets

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I finally have had my logo done only took just over 20 months of working on JazyJae's for it to happen.
The chicken in it represents my daughter and the monkey represents my son, both whom was my influence in the business name. They are also my inspiration for my business and my life.
What do you think of it?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Look coming soon!

I am finally getting a new logo designed professionally by the wonderfull Nicole of Ellabella Prints. If you need some professional and affordable graphic design go check her site out for samples and budget friendly pricing. In the past I have just croped from pictures or other things I have found and thrown together something myself.
I have had something in my head for a while now, that actually suits what the business name means to me. After all the name does come from my children, so the logo is being designed around them and the business itself.
With that will come a new look blog and packaging for all the JayJae's products. With hopefully to follow a web store that I control entirely myself fingers crossed.
So keep an eye out! I might even do something to celebrate.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Billycart Markets

I am please to announce officially that I will be taking JazyJae's down to Billycart Markets on the 26th June. So come on over to visit myself and all the other lovely stall holders on the day. Should be loads of fun!