Sunday, March 28, 2010

Foundation Day Review

Well what a boost to the ego I had. Made me realise that there are actually people out there that do like what I do and are willing to spend instead of just coooh over JazyJae's creations.

So many of my market days have been filled with loads of admirers but no spenders. Has lately made me feel rather defeated and did start to wonder if all the effort and time was worth it. Given the amount of time it takes to make stock, pack and un-pack then man the stall for a day let alone the costs involved.
Along comes a day like yesturday that made me realise I most likely have been focusing on the wrong target for selling. So I am greatly toying with the idea of giving up local monthly markets and focus on special events not just in my locality but all over the shop in NSW. I had set a time period of 12months then review if continuing was worth it. Well had I not done yesturday my 12 months was well and truely up and I was about to throw in the towel.

So woohoo Jazyjae's is continuing with a new focus.
If anyone has any suggestions on what fairs, festivals or special events they think I would do really well in go ahead suggest away. I can't promise I'll do it but I can promise I will give it good thought.

Anyway as you can probably gather by now it was a success for me yesturday and I met lots of wonderful people who loved and bought.

The parade was great to see especially given this time I was not trying to look over somebodies shoulder but had prime position from my stall area.

Looking forward to next years event!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SpringWood Foundation Day

JazyJae's will be at this years Springwood Foundation Day. It's a great day for the entire family. With many things to do, much like Katoomba's Winter Magic Festival. With entertainment on a stage, parade, carnival rides, food stalls, craft and community stalls and loads of other things to oggle at and do.
This year you will be able to find me in front of the Credit Union down towards the end of Macquarie road heading to Katoomba.
Come and say hello and maybe buy something! I love meeting anyone who reads this blog especialy at markets and fairs.

Now on Facebook

JazyJae's now has a fan page on Facebook come and join as a fan for more brief updates and quick photo loads. You can find me at this link.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Business things!

Last week I had arrive on my doorstep new things business related. A new design from the old as the old was not very clear and I started to not like it all that much.

So now I have new cards, letterheads, car sticker, notepad. There is also a new banner and new car door magnets.
I'll take photos of the car door magnets when the car gets washed and the banner will be in photos from my next lot of market stalls.

Now you can see why I have changed my look of my blog to lovely owl up there at the top.

What's on the sewing table?

Well at the moment I'm in the middle of sewing up new dresses. That is when I find the spare moment between caring for two sick little poppets.
I'm hoping to get the majority done by Saturday for the weekend markets at Glenbrook and Lawson.

Due to the little ones being so sick the hope of sewing up more bibs and shoes are a dream for now. However they should be ready in time for Foundation Day at Springwood.

Hope to see some of you this weekend at either Glenbrook or Lawson. Come say hello, it's always good to have a little chat with the readers of my blog.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fair report

On Saturday was the Awesome Autumn Fair at Blue Mountains Christian School.
Lucky for the weather forcast it was for the market part all indoors. So I new I could have a change and do an indoor set up of my stall.

The turnout for the market was not as much as I would have thought for an event that is hugely advertised up here. Not many people were actually venturing down to the hall for a look into what was inside. So sales were low but the feedback was great.

I had a little helper with me for the day too. She was a wonderful little helper who was very enthusiastic about helping haul everything inside and back into the car at the end of the day. My little girl was also doing her best to try and sell things as well. Very well behaved also for being stuck inside all day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Awesome Autumn Fair!

This Saturday I will be having a stall at Blue Mountains Christian Schools annual Awesome Autumn Fair.
Come on up the mountain and check it all out. There will be a number of other stalls selling their wares. There also will be a number of exciting things for kids of all ages there. They also are having joy flights in a helicopter as well. Now that is something new!
There will be a huge Auction for a huge amount of prizes. So many fantastic prizes too including a night away for two, dinner in a swish resturaunt for two.
The school is located in Blackheath at 60 Thirroul Avenue.
Hours of the fair are 10am till 3pm.
Come say hello. Blog readers will get a free gift with any purchase of $25 or more.Just mention the word fabtastic!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New items now available

I spent the weekend being very busy.
A long time agao I did attempt to make the following things but due to the coldness in the air I just could not get the glue of my glue gun to be just right for such tiny work.
So now after finally sitting down and not feeling flustered by the lack of succes and it worked a treat this time.

So I now have available little earings that are made from tiny fabric covered buttons and rings made using the same sized buttons.

I think these earings are just ever so cute. They will look just gorgeous in a little girls ears and look dainty in a big girls ears also.
The use of tiny buttons are great to make it just a cute little accessory.

These cute little rings are great for little fingers and if your like me have skinny long fingers they also look great on those fingers aswell. I have made a lot more than pictured many do match with the earings. So you can either buy one or a matching set.

I also have some little hair slides as well now. The hair slides are very strong so do not move about in the hair even on fine hair. I'm hoping to be able to find a miniture version of these hair slides so little toddlers hair will not be over whelmed with these slides.