Saturday, February 27, 2010

New hair slides

I have made up a few new hair slides to list on line at my made it store. These slides are fabric covered button secured onto silver hair slides.

I think thay are rather cute for your hair. Their size is a little on the big side for little kids but us big kids would appreciate their size.

They look great in too! Especially on longer hair. Shorter in length like myself looks good too but not as nice as they do in longer hair.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Newly listed!

Yes I have finally got around to listing new things online at me madeit store which you can find here or even click on the madeit button over there on the right hand side of this blog.
Listing things online is a big job. First you have to work out what your listing and can either quickly replace or not so much miss for your bricks and mortor store (or in my case under the gazebo). Then making sure you have some good photos of said items, working out how to describe it for the store. Then finding the time to do it. Listing can be a tedious time consuming job especially if your internet connection is being rather slow.
Since I also am still learning and mastering this task it can also be frustrating.
However the positives that result in either a sale or a wholesale ( yes I do wholesale orders) order makes it all worth while in the end.
So go check out what i have in my store curently!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Reversable dresses

My reversable dresses are proving to be popular. This is some of whats left in stock at the moment. I need to get busy making more.

With these dresses the Spring/summer style have both sides made from either or both of quilters cotton and vintage cotton fabrics.

Each dress is finished of with a delightful vintage button on both sides to match the facing side of the dress.

The Autumn/winter style has either fine cord or heavy weight vintage fabric on one facing with the other in either vintage cotton or quilters cotton as with the Spring/Summer style these also are finished with vintage buttons.

They are available in sizes 1 through to 5. I also do try my best to make sure no dress is ever the same as others made in that same size. So each little girl who has one will be looking as individual as her personality.

Princess skirts some of the latest

Here are just some of the latest lot of Princess skirts I have made. These skirts are so cute on and little girls look very special in them. All are made using fun fabrics in either quilters cotton or with both vintage and quilters cotton fabrics matched together carefully to make each skirt very cute. I try my best to make sure I never make a skirt with the same fabric combinations in the one size so each skirt is an individual one of finished creation.

The skirts range in sizes from size 0 through to size 5.

More of a look into the world of JazyJae's

I've been a little busy in both sewing, creating and ideas. So have tried to capture my latest efforts on the camera. Still trying to work out the best way to photograph some things. A learning process in both the creating and the presenting for others to see on the web.

These are my large magnets there is also a smaller version.

My Funky notebooks.The cover is removable and can be also fitted onto a slimline A5 diary.

Some of my goodies

Some examples of my work that I sell at markets and on line.




REVERSABLE BIBS (have an absorbent layer between two layers of cotton)