Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some pictures to oggle

Thought I'd share some photos of recently made Out and About Pants.

These pants come in sizes 1-4 for both boys and girls. Are made from fine cord with quilters cotton pockets and turn up cuffs. Pants are a long fit and the cuffs do turn up aproximately 5 inches so you can buy in a size too big and have them fit for a while as pants then later as 3/4 pants with the turn up.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have you got a Mini Chef?

If you have a Mini Chef in your house or know a mini chef you need one of JazyJae's Mini chef aprons. They are great for the aspiring Min chef or just those kids who like to help out in the kitchen.
suitable to fit children between the adges of 2 and up to 10yrs (smal 10yrs) with it's adjustable strap for over the head that can be adjusted with the snap closures and the two long ties for around the waist.

All will come in a variety of colours for the body fabric and a pocket of a fun print that is fully lined the pocket measures about 6 inches by 10 inches. The apron is about 49cm in length and about 44cm across at the widest.

Soon will be up in the made it store or if you see a picture of one on the Facebook page that you like contact me and you can buy it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Kid capes.

I now shall be starting on my Super Kid capes. great personalised item that is made to your childs individual taste.
Just choose a colour combination from the following colours of red, blue, yellow, green, pink,purple, orange. there may be other colours available depending on what I can get my hands on.
Then choose the letter that will be appliqued within a circle on one side.

Then finally choose the picture to be appliqued on the other side. You can choose from kite, guitar, rocket, car, flower, butterfly, plane, boat and ice-cream.

Makes a wonderful gift. Just $20 plus postage.
The cape has an adjustable tie on it so it can fit all children and comes at the length of aprox. 58cm.
Just email me at to place an order.

facebook follower?

Now that I am back just thought I would check to see who uses facebook and if your a follower. So please let me know in the comments if you follow JazyJae's on Facebook. That will be updated more often with pics or specials I am running. I want to save the Blog for special posts so as to not clog up blog sphere with little pics or having to put a full blog entry in.
So go over to the JazyJae's Facebook page here and follow away. You may just catch a special of the day or week on there.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm back

after a long break I've decided to get back into it all. I miss it way too much and it was a great sorce of keeping me motivated in all areas of my life.
I had a market stall today at an election day market that was a very quiet day yet I made a lot of money even with discounting my clothing stock by 20%. Sorry no photos as I forgot my camera and the battery on my phone is almost dead.
I have made the decision to delete several things. However I do have a load of new ideas so watch this space.
Thankyou to those people who came today and gave me so much praise, I truelly needed it and appreciated it greatly.