Monday, February 22, 2010

Reversable dresses

My reversable dresses are proving to be popular. This is some of whats left in stock at the moment. I need to get busy making more.

With these dresses the Spring/summer style have both sides made from either or both of quilters cotton and vintage cotton fabrics.

Each dress is finished of with a delightful vintage button on both sides to match the facing side of the dress.

The Autumn/winter style has either fine cord or heavy weight vintage fabric on one facing with the other in either vintage cotton or quilters cotton as with the Spring/Summer style these also are finished with vintage buttons.

They are available in sizes 1 through to 5. I also do try my best to make sure no dress is ever the same as others made in that same size. So each little girl who has one will be looking as individual as her personality.

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