Monday, April 12, 2010

Photo shoot of sorts.

Today I needed to do a photo shoot of some of the clothes in the JazyJae's line. These photos needed to be done to go out for some advertising today. What a headache that turned out to be! I discovered that my camera has bitten the dust and gone to camera heaven. So with the need for photos to go out today had to use the camera on my phone.
Yes I coukld have sent previous photos but I did not have any real photos of the reversable dress actually been worn.
So out I went with my trusty model into the yard with a coupld of dresses one that is starting to be on the short side so it can be seen what it looks like worn as a long top over jeans. The other as a longer dress.
I really like the look of this dress owrn as a top over jeans!
All these dresses are one of designs and are never repeated with the same fabric combinations and I also do try to make sure when I used plain cord on one side that the detail I do on that side is also never repeated in the same way either.
Lots of deliberation and agonising over combinations goes into these dresses. Most of the time the button closure I do is done with vintage buttons.
So take a look below at what I was able to get on the camera phone today.
Owls in trees

reverse side detail of owls in trees

Blue flowers worn as a long top

Reverse side of blue flowers

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  1. Gorgeous pictures of your beautiful clothes! And they look great in the advert.

    Also, can you send through an email address for the vintage sheet swap please?