Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm back

I had to take a very long and much needed break from JazyJae's due to so much snowing me under both emotionally and physically. However I'm getting on top of things and making an attempt at a come back. Does that mean I shall be on top? I sure hope so. I also hope that not just about everything I do gets blatantly copied.

I have been busy by getting cutting some simple things first up and cut a number of notebook covers and I am now halfway through the sewing up of them.
There are some summer pants in the making also but will show more on them another time.
I have a few oldies and goodies that have been tweeked a little in my new line along with a few newies. I do hope to be more regular with the bloging of JazyJae's antics as it comes up.

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