Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm raising money for Child Wise

Over at my Facebook page I am running a fund raising sale for a wonderful organisation Child Wise go here to find their about us page. I came accross them when I was in Melbourne for a conferance for my job. The company I work for supports Child Wise through the sale of hand creams that all the proceeds from sales of the creams go directly to their "Stop sex trafficking of children and young people" campaign. Just $27 buys a child all the school supplies they need to go to school which includes: uniforms,books,pencils,backpack. Then $54 buys a child a bike to get to school. Through having just these simple items it keeps children in Cambodia occupied and getting an education which in turn helps prevent them becoming vulunerable from being a target for sex trafficking. The organisation also helps get children and young people out of sex trafficing by providing them a home and education and rehabilitation to go on and become the amazing people they were ment to be.
They not only do great work in Cambodia they also work in the Asia Pacific region including here in Australia.
I was so moved by the presentation done both on the business school day but also actually on conferance day that when I got back home I really could not stop thinking about them....and have not stoped thinking about them since.
I don't seem to be moving many hand creams in my job but I just knew I had to do more and will probably continue to work to raise money for them for as long as I can.
My only other way I could think of immediately to help out was through selling of all my older stock and donate 20% of the sales to Child Wise.
This organisation and what they do really touches my heart. I was a victim of abuse as a child and teen and now I am a survivor so there is nothing more heart warming to me more than knowing there are people out there who are helping to enable our most vulnerable people to become survivors and wonderful people. All people should have that!
So please check out the sale and buy something to help. If there is not something in the sale albums that apeals to you. Go to the Child Wise site and make a donation.
Thankyou for your support!

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