Sunday, March 10, 2013

Returning to the world

After a long break that was much needed I have returned to the world.
This time round it will be under different formats of exposure. Rarely will I be at markets, will do the occasional one as it is very hard to do markets with children let alone when your a single parent with small children.
You will see JayJae's online I will keep you all updated as this becomes more detailed, working out finer details on how I will be doing this.
I can say JayJae's will be in at least one store in the Blue Mountains with the possibility of another in the Blue Mountains also stocking products. Will make official announcements on these later this week with what products and where.
Products that are staying include reversible dresses and hats, denim totes, mini-chef aprons. As I work out what others I will continue to do I will let you know. There will be a couple new ones too.

So for all old customers I would love feedback from you all on what products you loved so I can try my best to keep these going.

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