Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New To JazyJae's

My creative space has been a buzz of activity in the last few days. A few real late nights have been had for this new JazyJae's product.
What is it? I hear you asking......well I don't actually hear you but your probably asking that I assume.
Well with a huge amount of excitement..........

I've come up with a much better version of my original design of "The A Dress" it's now become reversable. So you get two dresses in one. Your little girl will love the idea of being able to choose one of two ways to wear this gorgeous dress.
The dress looks great as dress on it's own or over a shirt and tights on cooler days.

The dress will be available in sizes one through to four. Also each dress is a one of design, no other dress will be the same. Each dress is made from either new materials or a mix of vinatge and new. Most of the dresses will be made from 100% cotton. If I find a fabric I can't resist that is not 100% cotton and would look ever so delicious made up into one of the fab dresses I will use it.

It took a bit of fiddling about to work out finer details of sewing it up. Once I worked out how to make it look fantastic, I zipped through making each one up.
Look out for them to appear in my online store at madeit here.

I love these, they are soooooo cute. What do you think of these little dresses? I hope you do love them as much as I do.
Can't wait to see them on little girls apart from my own little Miss J.

These are just some of the ones I have made so far.

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  1. These are such sweet little dresses. I love the fabrics you use. My favourite would be the orange and blue floral one directly underneath it.