Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Windy Market Day!

Yesturday was The Glenbrook Roatary Market Day. What a blustery day it was. The whole day was mostly fillled with recovering blown away signs and stock.
One point I'd rushed of to the toilet to come back to one of my racks blown over(note to self must make my sandbags) as well as all light things that were on the table all on the ground.

I ended up using my tent ropes to tie everything to something secure.

Glenbrook markets are a lovely market mostly filled with people selling their handmade wares. Some are just devine and lovely.

My day was a good one I was able to come home with more money than I had at the beginning of the even after ducking into spotlight to buy a few metres of denim.

Going to the market would be a great day out for anyone living in Sydney. Take a day out, stop by the market then keep driving up the mountain and visit some of the great stores and sights along the way.
Come visit me at the next market!


  1. Your set up looks great-
    thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  2. Your stall looks lovely, I have few markets coming up and need to put my thinking cap on mine...

  3. How could i miss you at the Lawson market?!! Where is your stall?? I will add you posthumously to the round up

  4. I wish I COULD visit you--alas--I'm in America--It must be something about Australia--but you people have such a delightful way of presenting things. I loved your stall--the pennants. all of it

  5. Your stall looks great. I getting ready for market next week in Sydney and have been busily getting all the things I need for it. I'm thinking about holding a stall in the mountains too, but was worried about insurance. Do you know of any that include insurance in their fees?