Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stitches and Craft Fair.

Today i headed on down the mountain to go to the Stitches and Craft Show.
Once I got there I headed straight for the fourth floor. What was there? "Incubator" was what could be found on the fourth floor. What a grand idea it was to have such an array of budding designers and crafters showing of their creations to those who would appreciate them the most.
I was hoping to have a little stand myself. However due to the work schedule of my husband did not. Next year though his kindly putting in for some leave to happen at this time of the year so I can if they do this again.
So many wonderful this to gush over and also to actually see all those that I goo over on their blogs.
Also ran into a couple of people I know from various local to me designers who also have market stalls.
There was Nicole from nicolemdesign you can see her button on the right there "Yousew,girl". Her bags and hats are devine. If I had more money I would have bought a matching set patterns.

Sarah from Madi & Me. Very cute little baby and kids clothes.

Gifts Created was right next to Sarah. I already have bought a onsie from her at Penrith Markets. My little man looks cute in it. Today I bought a owl softie pattern.

Fi from dearfii was there what a gal she is. With such wonderful softies and patterns for them all. I went back later to buy four of her patterns. Who should be there helping her out but Cass from Snailblazer.

Belinda and her fresh designs from tuttifruti.

Then I stoped in on the InkandSpindle girls

I loved the fab Juicy Roo Designs done by Julie.Had a lovely chat with her.

Mixtape was in amongst it all too.

So many lovely girls and their fab wares. I didn't get to take photos of all the things I wanted as by the time I got to some a bit too crowded to get a somewhat decent photo.

I'll list the other gals blogs or stores that I managed to get a card from here:
Craft Schmaft
two Little Banshees
Sunset Designs
Sweetie Petites
Dudley Redhead
kristen doran design

Apologies if I missed you....I'm sure I spoke to more and collected their cards.
You can check out my personal blog for pics and more of a run down on my insight as a shopper not a fellow business/crafty gal.


  1. Hi Xena! Wow, you were a busy girl at the show! It was great to meet you too and I hope to see you behind an incubator stand next year, wearing your fabulous skirt made from neck ties!

  2. Hi Xena, I'm Michelle from Shelbyville (I was sharing the table with Dudley Redhead). Just visiting your blog for the first time tonight - linked through from Juicy Roo's site! Looking forward to seeing you in the Incubator at next year's Show... :)