Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fab. new shop called......

"Lark" is the name and don't you forget it.
Another stop in JazyJae's travels was to visit Alison's new shop.  Lark is located in 4a Duke Street Daylesford.
It was a wet and dreary day. What else could be expected on the 27th September. After all it is that way every year Mr JazyJae's and I want to spend that day outdoors. Hmmmm yes a special day for us. "Tis the day we were married and that day was a wide range of weather conditions from gale forced winds to sleat.
Once we arrived in Daylesford we headed drove about to see if we could spot the store. I had left the Blue Mountains before any final details were posted on The Lark blog of where she was located. Could not find it. So went to the Information centre...they had no clue what i was talking about. So we went up to the markets, hoping that some crafty lady would be there who could tell me where I could find Lark. Nope no such luck ther. Next idea was go back into the centre of town and just ask a local shop owner. Of we went. By pure luck the first store that looked as though they would know what this " crazy gal" was talking about happened to know exactly where I should head. Thankyou Ex Libiris lady!
Stupid me was so bedazzled by the cuteness of the store and chatting to Alison I forgot to pull the camera out to take a couple of photos.
I did buy things though!

Homemade a book to aid the Black Saturday bush fire victims and Salvation Army

japanese tape very cute soon to be JazyJae's packaging tape and more

what was inside my bag of goodies Alsion gave me see her blog entry below
Alison also took a photo of me to post on the blog wall of fame and on her blog.

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  1. Just about all our meals from the past two weeks have been from Homemade!