Sunday, September 20, 2009

Market Wrap Up!

What a whirlwind weekend!
Friday evening I had Hazelbrook Public School Fete. I did intend on taking photos but by the time I finished setting up there were kids taking photos was out of the question. It was surprisingly a good one for me. I was not really expecting mush to happen being a small school fete, but I did alright there recieved a lot of positive feedback. Positive feedback is always a welcome thing!

Saturday as usual was the Rotary Glenbrook Public School Market Day. over all a lovely day was had. Even after at the beginning I was abused by a fellow stall holder. Who accused me rathr rudely of stealing ideas from his wife. All while I had customers looking at my items. I will not say what items I was accused of stealing. However I will say it was the first time I had a huge quantity of all my things ( a very productive month) and I had also changed the way I presented many of my things so they were more obvious from a distance. This was the first time I have seen him look at my stall. I never have even really looked at the products in question on his stall. I also have bought other items from them and recomended them and raved about their other products to others. I have been making the items in question since towards the end of last year. Just because you were first at Glenbrook Market does not mean you own the monopoly on them!The only newish thing there were my rings. All the rest I have been doing long before I started at Glenbrook back in March.

Anyway further on! I had a great day there yesturday lots of friendly people about and many many customers. I sold a lot of magnets and a few will be busy replenishing that stock.
Today was Lawson's Magpie Market. A disapointing day as I had been moved and was in a not so good spot and did rather poorly in the sales department. However next month I will back in my usual spot as I have been garunteed that spot for all future markets. So anyone who came down and saw I was not in my usual spot and did not come further into the quad area a big huge apology. I will be there for now on.
My purchases for the weekend included on Saturday I bought an extremely gorgeous clutch from Alison of Berlinski fame. Just devine is her work. Her clutches, bags and belts are so so soooooo yummy! I have put in an order for her to make me a belt to match the clutch I bought from her. She is always at Glenbrook Markets and has a lovely stall full of her items. Great for a way of making that lovely outfit extra special. All the ings she makes are one of items. All are made from vintage fabrics, trims and doilies. After buying the belt I might have to get one of her bigger bags.

Then today I bought a swamp girl softie from Skye at Happy Monkey Tree. She has been named Pheona. She also happens to match up with Delihla which I blogged about here. they both are wearing the same coloured dress.  Next on my list from her will be one of her sock monkeys then a big monster.


  1. It was nice to meet you today. Your stall looks really good.

    I'm glad you had a good day after the rude stall holder. Not a good way to start the day.

  2. Wow, that man sounds rude- and very unprofessional. Abuse shouldn't be allowed when you are working. Surely handmade crafts are not copyrighted anyway?