Saturday, September 12, 2009

In production right now!

What is s'pose to be our dinning table has not been so for about a year now. Why? Well as any crafter would know the family looses their dinning space to the crafter of the family. this is especially so to those who do it for a little more than a hobby. At least till they get their own studio.
Well at the moment our dinning table is a place for JazyJae's products that are either waiting to be made up, packaged or ready for sale.

It doesn't always look this organised. Till last night after I finished cutting about 15 dresses, there were piles of fabric on top of everything. to the untrained eye it would have looked like a cyclone had dumped a pile of fabric on the table. When in fact it was an organised chaos of fabric grouped together for possible combinations.

Now you see the aftermath of the pre-cutting and partial packaging process. All my small badges are made and in the process of being packaged, same goes for the small magnets. All hair accessories are made and just about completed in packaing. Rings are done and in their display box. Dresses, bibbies and most of loopy monsters are cut ready to be sewn. Large badges are halfway there in being made as too large magnets. Bags still need a few more cut up.

I'll be burning the midnight oil all week I think!

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  1. That's exactly how my house looks, all the time! Lol! And so true about the dining table. What do you mean, it serves another purpose? It's just for crafting, no? :-)