Thursday, May 27, 2010

Better late than never

I'm rather tardy on giving a report on my first ever boutique market.....however the week after was spent getting myself and the house ready for a milestone birthday of Little Miss J.
On the 16th of May I did my very first boutique market. This was a huge leap of faith for me, I'm a misstress of self dought and that self dought had held me back far to long. So sucked it up and looked fear in the face. The first market was for Poppyseed Markets which also was the launch of Poppyseed Markets also.

Wow all I can say is that the lovely Poppy did a great job in running her first one and really looked after her stall holders.
I did get lost on my way there as there was no such exit as the one I was looking for on the the M5. Anyway lucky for me I lived in the area I had to go to many years ago so knew my way roughly from the airport.

Once there it took a while to get set up as all my time was being put into putting up a set of shelves for the first time. Hmmmm the problem was s imple one but on those poorly written instructions it was not clear that the shelves had to be turned a certain way. I got there in the end and was selling things right from the moment I was putting my last lot of accessories onto the display table.

I also learnt a little more about setting up for indoors....previously I mostly have done outdoor displays so really was used to using a gazebo to hang things on as well. I did love what I did but will be doing much better next time. I am hoping to get to making a nice set of matching table covers. Sometime before my next market. Fingers crossed!

All in all I did alright in sales, I did not expect too much on my first go and for the first time of the market running also. At least I did better than what I would have had I been at the local market apparently loads of stall holders lost money.

I was surrounded by some very wonderful ladies includinga couple of local gals.

Sarah from Gifts Created was there you can check out her blog for more.

Also there was Kylie from Butterfly Garden Accessories she has a Facebook page to take a squiz at.

I also got to meet the gorgeous Andrea from Karimu who had the most devine things for sale, I hope to buy many a thing of her in the future. She is also on Facebook.

I will be back at poppyseed in July on the 11th. Hope to see you there.

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  1. I'd love to have been there it looks fantastic !
    Good luck for the next one .