Sunday, March 28, 2010

Foundation Day Review

Well what a boost to the ego I had. Made me realise that there are actually people out there that do like what I do and are willing to spend instead of just coooh over JazyJae's creations.

So many of my market days have been filled with loads of admirers but no spenders. Has lately made me feel rather defeated and did start to wonder if all the effort and time was worth it. Given the amount of time it takes to make stock, pack and un-pack then man the stall for a day let alone the costs involved.
Along comes a day like yesturday that made me realise I most likely have been focusing on the wrong target for selling. So I am greatly toying with the idea of giving up local monthly markets and focus on special events not just in my locality but all over the shop in NSW. I had set a time period of 12months then review if continuing was worth it. Well had I not done yesturday my 12 months was well and truely up and I was about to throw in the towel.

So woohoo Jazyjae's is continuing with a new focus.
If anyone has any suggestions on what fairs, festivals or special events they think I would do really well in go ahead suggest away. I can't promise I'll do it but I can promise I will give it good thought.

Anyway as you can probably gather by now it was a success for me yesturday and I met lots of wonderful people who loved and bought.

The parade was great to see especially given this time I was not trying to look over somebodies shoulder but had prime position from my stall area.

Looking forward to next years event!

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  1. Stick with it- you make interesting and unique items - you just need to tap into the right market. Have you tried the Baby and Child markets around Sydney? They have some good new seller stalls too.