Monday, March 1, 2010

New items now available

I spent the weekend being very busy.
A long time agao I did attempt to make the following things but due to the coldness in the air I just could not get the glue of my glue gun to be just right for such tiny work.
So now after finally sitting down and not feeling flustered by the lack of succes and it worked a treat this time.

So I now have available little earings that are made from tiny fabric covered buttons and rings made using the same sized buttons.

I think these earings are just ever so cute. They will look just gorgeous in a little girls ears and look dainty in a big girls ears also.
The use of tiny buttons are great to make it just a cute little accessory.

These cute little rings are great for little fingers and if your like me have skinny long fingers they also look great on those fingers aswell. I have made a lot more than pictured many do match with the earings. So you can either buy one or a matching set.

I also have some little hair slides as well now. The hair slides are very strong so do not move about in the hair even on fine hair. I'm hoping to be able to find a miniture version of these hair slides so little toddlers hair will not be over whelmed with these slides.

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