Saturday, June 26, 2010

Billycart market Report

Today was my visit to Billycart Markets. I was up at the not so lovely hour of 4am and was back home at 6pm.
I got a little lost once I got into Colloroy and Narrabeen...street signs were not so great. However I stoped at a Service Station and the guy working there did not even know where on pittwater Road the servo was on Lucky for me as I walked out a kind young man had pulled up and showed where I was then told me what landmarks to look out for to be able to turn down the right street to get to my destination.

It was bit of a squish in but I get set up nicely.

It was also a lot quieter there today than I did expect but none the less I made some sales and loads of people took my card.

Here is hoping that more people come and follow my blog here and enjoy the lovely things I do.

Out and about Pants
A big thankyou has to be done to Mel who is an amazing woman to do the work she does for the market. She really looks after her stall holders.
I met some lovely stall holders. I even splashed out and bought my little man a vest that is an up-cycled woolen jumper. If I had made some decent amount of sales would have bought my girl one for her as well. I got it from KIX Clothing.

Is this not a sweet little vest?

Plus some of the other stall holders included Moosey who do fresh homemade baby and toddler foods. All natural ingredients and they deliver too. great for those who live over in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Mon Tresor who do lovely little accessories and party accessories. There was the most gorgeous stall of wall art that uses vintage playing cards, storybook pictures (something I have done here for gifts), road maps. They are called Twice Designs. I shall be saving my dollars to buy some wall art from them i think.
See you guys at the next market!

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