Saturday, October 31, 2009

New things, practical things!

Last night I made up some groovy notebooks. This was a test batch for how my basic ideas looked. The notebooks I used in these ones were from smiggle and now I can't get them anymore pity as I love these ones. Will have to use another style of notebook for future ones. Plus I'm testing the pattern on the thinner yearly diaries too.

I intend on adding trims and fun patches on future ones. Also playing around with a way to have a pen holder on it too. I like the combination of different fabrics. This also gives me a chance to use some fabrics I have been stashing away till I found a purpose for them. I had no clue what I'd use these fabrics for before and now I finally do.

I really like them and they are so quick to make up. The time consuming part is working out what fabrics to combine with each other. This part can be distracting as I go through my fabrics and discover some I had forgotten about or fall in love again with others.These ones here are just a few of what I made up and that were not sold today at the St. Finnbars fete.

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